Zach Smith

I'm a storyboard artist and general maker of cartoons. I grew up in Michigan and Indiana but now live in Southern California with my wife, two kids, and a giant 120lb dog. I currently work in development on two of my own shows at Nickelodeon and Nick JR, but in the past have worked on Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Brickleberry, and had a short in the Nickelodeon Comedy Shorts program.  When I'm not drawing things for money, my pastimes include but are not limited to: eating fast food alone in my car.

Phone: 248.496.0339



Stuff Zach has worked on.

Creator/Exec. Producer (Nick Jr & Nickelodeon) - 2016-present. Harriet's Hamster Hotel (Preschool) and Up North! (6-11 Comedy).

Storyboard Artist/Writer (Nickelodeon) - 2015-present.  Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Bug Salad Shorts.

Creator/Exec. Producer/Director (Nickelodeon) -   2013- 15. Woodstump, In Development series.  Created/Wrote/Designed a short.  Directing/Writing/Storyboarding Pilot.

Storyboard Artist/Writer (Cartoon Network UK) - 2015. Badass Babies pilot. 

Storyboard Revisionist (Nickelodeon) - 2014. Pig Goat Banana Cricket. 

Storyboard Artist (Netflix/Shadow Machine)- Feb. 2014. Bojack Horseman.

Storyboard Artist/Designer (Renegade) - 2013-14. ABC Mouse.

Character Designer (Comedy Central/Bento Box) - 2012-2014.  Brickleberry.

Development Character Designer (Fox/Adult Swim/Bento Box/Cartoon Network) - 2010-2014.  Worked as a development designer for several pilots during this time span.

Prop Designer (Fox/Bento Box) - 2011-2012. Allen Gregory.  Prime time series.

Storyboard Artist/Animator/Designer (Cartoon Network) - 2010.  MAD.  TV Series.  Created shorts for MAD.

Animator (PBS/Renegade Animation) - 2010.  Noah Comprende, web series.


BFA. College For Creative Studies, Detroit, MI 2010

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