Zach Smith

Howdy! In case you were wondering: I'm a cartoonist, author, and story person in the animation industry. I grew up in Michigan and Indiana but now live in Southern California with my wife, kids, and even a dog.  I recently finished writing and illustrating my first graphic novel which will be released fall of 2020.  You can preorder it here.  I am currently a director on Baby Shark's Big Show at Nick Jr and also work on my own show in development there.  In the past I've worked on Animaniacs, Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Brickleberry, and created the short, Woodstump!, for Nickelodeon. 

When I'm not drawing things for money, my pastimes include but are not limited to: eating fast food alone in my car.

For book & illustration inquiries please contact my literary agent Steve Malk at Writer's House: 

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Stuff Zach has worked on.

Director (Nickelodeon) - 2020 - present  Directing on Baby Shark's Big Show for Nick Jr.

Storyboard Artist/Writer (Netflix) - 2019-2020  Storyboarding and writing on an unannounced comedy/drama/adventure special.

Author & Illustrator (Pixel + Ink Books) - 2019-2020  Created a graphic novel to be released in the fall of 2020. 

Storyboard Artist (Paramount) - 2019  Spongebob: It's A Wonderful Sponge. Storyboard artist for the third Spongebob feature.

Storyboard Artist (Warner Bros) - 2018-2019  Animaniacs. Storyboarding and helping develop new characters & ideas for the re-boot of Animaniacs. 

Director (Warner Bros) - 2017-2018.  Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs (a Pebbles and Bamm Bamm reboot). 

Creator/Exec. Producer (Nick Jr & Nickelodeon) - 2016-present. Harriet's Hamster Hotel (Preschool) and Up North! (6-11 Comedy).

Storyboard Artist/Writer (Nickelodeon) - 2015-2016.  Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Bug Salad Shorts.

Creator/Exec. Producer/Director (Nickelodeon) -   2013- 15. Woodstump, In Development series.  Created/Wrote/Designed a short.  Directing/Writing/Storyboarding Pilot.

Storyboard Artist/Writer (Cartoon Network UK) - 2015. Badass Babies pilot. 

Storyboard Revisionist (Nickelodeon) - 2014. Pig Goat Banana Cricket. 

Storyboard Artist (Netflix/Shadow Machine)- Feb. 2014. Bojack Horseman.

Storyboard Artist/Designer (Renegade) - 2013-14. ABC Mouse.

Character Designer (Comedy Central/Bento Box) - 2012-2014.  Brickleberry.

Development Character Designer (Fox/Adult Swim/Bento Box/Cartoon Network) - 2010-2014.  Worked as a development designer for several pilots during this time span.

Prop Designer (Fox/Bento Box) - 2011-2012. Allen Gregory.  Prime time series.

Storyboard Artist/Animator/Designer (Cartoon Network) - 2010.  MAD.  TV Series.  Created shorts for MAD.

Animator (PBS/Renegade Animation) - 2010.  Noah Comprende, web series.


BFA. College For Creative Studies, Detroit, MI 2010

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